A Quick Demonstration

This is the subtitle of the title.

Charlotte Chen
1 min readMay 26, 2021


This is my introduction. It looks really smooth and easy to follow.
I’ll probably insert my video link right here. link the creator

The Movie Trailer of Avatar (2009)

Experimenting the Subheadings

so this is what my first body paragraph will be.
I’d like to make it longer with Shift+Enter for the second line.
Let’s see how a wrapped image look like:

This is the Teaser Poster of Avatar (2009) by Google

So here I can have text wrapped around the poster/image.

more text here.

some more here.

even more here.

you know the drill.

My Second subheading

this is where I can heavily use linked source.
I can also use the italicized fonts…now sure why though
Maybe I can also do — this to add more thoughts. hehe.
He says,

let’s experiment the quotations… “What if I say this”

Is this the small heading?

this is the subsub-heading.

The Conclusion can be typed here. without using any subheadings



Charlotte Chen